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What We Do

Mighty and True is a B2B-minded design and development studio that can help you build exciting, bold experiences for the people that buy your stuff. Because at the end of the day they're not "customers," they're people, and bold ideas make people stand up and take notice. We help companies that make technical products develop the right concepts and to reach customers and grow their business with our unique "Difference Maker" process.

What's a "Difference Maker?!"

So glad you asked! Our Difference Maker process highlights what sets you apart--what makes your brand special. Every step of the process--from strategy to build to launch--reinforces that idea. Think of it like blowing up a balloon--every step is a breath that inflates your difference maker until it's ready to show off.

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Meet theHead Honchos

Kevin KernerFounder & CEO

Kevin has been in and around technology his entire career having worked with some of the most innovative technology companies on the planet. Armed with a love of the newest tech gadgets and a strong dose of curiosity, Kevin helps our clients see things just a bit differently and helps our teams stay focused on the end game; happy customers. Outside of his day job, Kevin is a father of 9 and doesn't fully understand how that happened.

Cody NutterLead, Design & Development

What I do, (what doing what I do accomplishes for Mighty&True AS WELL AS what doing what I do accomplishes for clients), why I love what I do, why I'm allowed to be cocky about it? haha.

Lives/lived (etc), with cassie and two dogs: Daria and mac (photos of the dogs too? f-it, rename my nickname to "that-person-that-forces-everyone-look-@-vaca-albums")

"When he's not 'something something radical adjective' at mighty & true"...travels with his wife, Cassie, in search of things to dive off of (or something) [pics of lake Travis dive and Dominican Republic dive?. pic with cassie in Ireland? lmao]

If it's fast, loud and fun, Cody is into it. Motorcycle stuff [lol more photo opportunities. could cross-link to rambling leftovers?], hobbies(furniture/make shit), "I can probably do that" 🤣, wrap up

Paul CarrubbaUser Experience, Content & Strategy

Paul leverages years of writing, editing and journalistic experience to help tell clients' stories in new and different ways. He came to Mighty & True after working as a freelance journalist, a communications professional for a local non-profit, and then as a content editor for Austin-based modern marketing agency nFusion. When he's not content strategizing, you can hear his voice as a DJ on Austin's KUTX 98.9 FM. He also enjoys playing music and the art and alchemy of making the perfect cocktail.

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